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Jam Sessions

Let’s Jam Together!

Every last Wednesday of the month there is a jam session held at the Ned Kelly Lounge. The session opens with a respective opening act. Then all the musicians present are invited to the stage to improvise together and play for the audience in ever changing musical creations that inspire. Bring your instruments and your talent! We can provide you with drums, keyboards, amps, mics, and percussion.

Instruments are also welcome

Backline equipment is available (Drums, Keys, Amps, Mics, Perc.) 

Please email us for band slot enquiries.

Winter Jam Session  2018/19

Wednesday 31. October start 8pm
Wednesday 28. November start 8pm
Wednesday 30. January start 8pm
Wednesday 27. February start 8pm
Wednesday 27. March start 8pm
Wednesday 24. April start 8pm
Wednesday 29. May start 8pm

Jam Session Team

Roland Beerli – Ned Kelly Lounge Owner/Advertising

Daniel Notter – Sound Engineering/Leads/Guitar/Bass/Voc/Perc

CD Release

Are you planning a CD Release? Ned Kelly Lounge – the ideal location to promote your talent.

Ned Kelly Lounge – Where local legends are made!

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