Ned Kelly Lounge – Dielsdorf


Cocktails & Drinks

“One martini is just right, two is too many, three is not enough. – James Thurber

“Tell me your mood Cocktail”

What mood are you in? Tell us and we will mix your very own cocktail.

Our barmaids will make you an in-house cocktail or our very own competition class shot. A drink not to miss!

Cocktail Menu

Spicy Tropic 1
Long Island Ice Tea   17.00
Caipirinha   15.00
Mojito   15.00
Sex on the Beach   14.00
Tequila Sunrise   13.00
Pina Colada   13.00
White Russian   13.00
Virgin Colada / Alice n.A.   12.00
* All prices in Swiss Francs (SFr)