Are you a dart team looking for a nice place to form a league? Then come check out our place! If you are a dart player and want to join a team then come meet up with us. We look forward to welcoming you!

Company Dart Tournament

Looking for a company event idea? We can plan a dart event to your specifications. We prepare everything so that you have a successful event for all. We can even decorate or brand the venue and provide you with an exquisite buffet. You can rely on us to put on a great show! Book your dart event now.

Saturday 3. October Start 20:00
Saturday 7. November Start 20:00
Saturday 5. December Start 20:00
Saturday 9. January Start 20:00
Saturday 6. February Start 20:00
Saturday 6. March Start 20:00
Saturday 3. April Start 20:00
Saturday 1. May Start 20:00

Alle Tournament in Modus: 501 Doppel Ko M.O.


Entry fee: sFr 10.-
Door opening: 19:00


1st place: 35%
2nd place: 30%
3rd place: 20%
4th place: 15%

Tournament on 9. January will be with gift table, see separate flyer